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Shelling, sightseeing and fishing on Marco Island is our specialty! Visit a nearby island or sandbar to find many collectible treasures. Conchs, Olives, Tulips, and Sand Dollars are just a few of the shells to be found. We only sail at low tide, for the best shelling, so departure times will vary. Departing from Marco River Marina every day.

It's a great time to see Dolphins, and even manatees! Great fun for the whole family! Don't forget the camera!

Island Shelling - Maximum 12 persons (min 4)
2 1/2 hr Trip Adult Fares - Rate Per Person - $70.00 each + tax
Children 11 years & Under - Rate Per Child - $60.00 each + tax

Private Sightseeing Charter or COMBO Trip
(Fishing, Shelling and/or Sightseeing) Maximum 12 persons
Reserve by the hour - Rate Per Hour (min 2 hrs) - $200.00


Private Sightseeing Charter or COMBO Trip
(Fishing, Shelling and/or Sightseeing) Maximum 6 persons
Reserve by the hour - Rate Per Hour - $190.00

All of our vessels sail from the convenient Rose Marina, Marco Island, FL. Just minutes from anywhere on Marco - and only 15 miles from downtown Naples. CLICK HERE FOR MAP, DIRECTIONS & WEATHER.

Call (239) 642-5415 today to learn more about your many options, to reserve a date, or to speak with our event planning professionals.

*Prices Subject To Change*
****48 Hour cancellation notice for all fishing charters

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